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Anti Pimple Combo-Spring Flower On Discount

Product Code: Anti Pimple Combo,
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Product Description

Spring Flower Panchpushp toner act as skin nourisher, control excess oil & refines pores. Spring flower toner deeply cleanses the pores & make then appear smaller & invisible. Also it neutralises the alkaline effect of Face Wash.


Minimise the size of pores without blocking it.
Stabilizes PH balance .
Adds layer of protection Removes Chlorine & harmful chemicals present in water.
Refreshes Skin.
Helps lock moisture into the skin.

Glow & brightening treatment
Normal, Oily & combined skin.
Perfect for dull or mature skin.
Twice daily.

A) Orchids : Fights against free radicals  used to prevent & diminish the appearance of fine lines.

B) Jasmine :  is very effective in treating & fading scar marks , old Wound Scars, Stretch marks & pox spots.

C) Lotus :  Repairs protein & play a role in anti ageing. Lotus also contains Vitamin C, potassium, riboflavin, Vitamin B, Phosphorus & Copper.

D) Marigold : Protect skin harm everyday damage caused by free radicals.

E) Lavender : Increase flow of oxygen to skin. This results in lowering the signs of ageing such as wrinkles & fine lines.


Apply wih Cotton ball uniformly all over the face in a circular motion.

Enriched with anti inflimentary properties of marigolds & curcume longs. Spring Flower anti acne face pack works upon trans absorption property & leaves behind clean & spotless fall.
All Zenvista Meditech products are based on Ayurveda 5000 years old science.
  a) Impact glow & brightening in a natural way. 
  b) Boost up flow of oxygen into skin cell, delivering fresh look.
  c) Regular weekly use prevents apperance of fine lines.
BEST FOR :-  Glow & brightening treatment
  Normal, Oily & combined skin.
  Perfect for dull or matue skin.
  Twice daily. 
Rich in Mushroom extracts, infused with azadirakhtaindica Marks Clear cream targets on stretch marks & all kind of Scars, pimple marks, burn scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation etc, leaving behind fairer skin.
Mushroom Extract penetrate deep into the skin, form bond between melanocytes thereby reducing melanin production in the skin. Also it has capability to fight with free radicals, repair proteins & play a vital role in antiageing.
1. Stretch Marks Treatment
2. Skin Toning
3. Hyperpigmentation
4. Removes freckles dark spots.
5. Effective in melasma. 
Working Mechanism:-
Marks Clear with pure mushroom extracts work on the mechanism of forming bond with melanocytes & reducing the production of  melanin.
Directions to use:-
To be applied twice daily in the morning & at night .Recommended use of sun screen after morning application.
Marks Clear cream is to be applied for 30-45 days or till the desired results are achieved.
AzadirachtaIndica- reduces pigmentation, dark spots , very effective in melasma.
Aloe Barbadensis - Antibacterial & antifungal properties , provide fair & youthful skin.
TriticumSantivum -Best antioxidants properties, for a beautiful & flawless complexion.

All ZenvistaMeditech products are based on Ayurveda,5000 years old science.



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