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Teleshopping Products
To meet the diversified specifications of clients, we offer Teleshopping Products to our esteemed clients. We follow client oriented approach and effectively designed these Teleshopping Products as per their need and choices. Our experts work with the close cooperation with clients and help them to know their exact problem and also assist them in improving their life style through effective and improved way. Entire Teleshopping Products offered by us are at cost effective rate.
Customization facility
Timely solutions
Client oriented approaches
Scratch Pen, Sofa Bed 5 In 1 With Pump, Intex Air Bed Queen Size With Pump, Kuber Kunji, Rudraksh Kavach, Hanuman Kavach Set With Packing, Shani Raksha Kavach Locket
Najar Suraksha Kavach, Shri Siddha Dhan Laxmi Yantra, Sani Kavach Set + Nazar Kavach, Magic Food Processer, Niser Diser(Onion Cuting), Pine Apple Slicer, Mini Swing Machine
Pen Camera 2GB Show, Magic Bullet, Slim 24 Pro-Slimming Ramedy, Fair Look, No-Addiction, Zero-Addiction, Kill Addiction, Full Stop, Tummy Fit, Easy Slim Tea, Slim N Fit Oil, Air Bra, Slim n Lift Body Shaper, Dresses, Magic Mop 360, H2O X5 Steam Mop, Steam Mop, Dent King, Fix It Pro, Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner, Handy Vacuum Cleaner, 
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Chipser, Vegetable-And-Fruit-Cutter.Seen-On-TV, 50% Discount Offer, ..
Rs.599.00 Rs.2,499.00 76%
Ex Tax: Rs.599.00
Based on 9 reviews.
Anti-Radiation-Mobile-Chip,Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation, With New and Improved, Cell- Phone, Signa..
Rs.199.00 Rs.599.00 67%
Ex Tax: Rs.199.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Radiation Safe Mobile Chip, Cogent, Anti Radiation Mobile Chip, COGENT- ANTI RADIATION MOBILE CHIP-..
Rs.199.00 Rs.799.00 75%
Ex Tax: Rs.199.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Colorful Changing 2017 Newest Birthday Gifts, Butterfly LED Night Light For Birthday Party, Wall Dec..
Rs.299.00 Rs.599.00 50%
Ex Tax: Rs.299.00
Based on 3 reviews.
Sky line Egg Boiler, Sky line Egg Cooker, Sky line Egg Boiler India, Sky line Egg Boiler Machine, Sk..
Rs.2,699.00 Rs.6,497.00 58%
Ex Tax: Rs.2,699.00
Based on 0 reviews.
Compact Dry Fruit Slicer +3 Pieces  S.S. Knife Set + Apple Cutter For Latest Kitchen on Discoun..
Rs.399.00 Rs.799.00 50%
Ex Tax: Rs.399.00
Based on 0 reviews.
Complete Hair Solutions-Haie Building Fiber On Discounted Price   The Genuine Hair fi..
Rs.1,799.00 Rs.2,990.00 40%
Ex Tax: Rs.1,799.00
Based on 12 reviews.
Coper Case Man's Watch-Forest, Men's Watch, Trandy Look, Stylish Digital LED Wrist Watc..
Rs.699.00 Rs.1,999.00 65%
Ex Tax: Rs.699.00
Based on 0 reviews.
Cute Skin Blade Ladies Lazor, Bi Feather King, Bi Feather King Online, Bi Feather King Hair Remover,..
Rs.499.00 Rs.1,220.00 59%
Ex Tax: Rs.499.00
Based on 0 reviews.
De Addiction, No Addiction, De Addiction Powder Review, De Addiction Reviews, De Addi..
Rs.1,999.00 Rs.2,997.00 33%
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999.00
Based on 17 reviews.
Dee Addiction Gold Powder For Alcohol & Drugs, Dee Addiction-Quit Addiction, Quit Addiction,&nbs..
Rs.2,199.00 Rs.3,950.00 44%
Ex Tax: Rs.2,199.00
Based on 0 reviews.
Kill Addiction-Leave Alchohole, Drugs, Tobacco, 3 Bottle, MRP Rs.2800/-On 50% Off DEE ADDICTION P..
Rs.1,999.00 Rs.3,348.00 40%
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999.00
Based on 10 reviews.
Dent Remover, Dent Remover For Cars, Dent Remover Walmart, Dent Removal Glue Kit,&nbs..
Rs.1,099.00 Rs.3,499.00 69%
Ex Tax: Rs.1,099.00
Based on 0 reviews.
Derma Seta, Derma Seta Reviews, Derma Seta Hair Removal, Derma Seta Spa,Derma Seta Cost, Derma Seta ..
Rs.1,899.00 Rs.3,999.00 53%
Ex Tax: Rs.1,899.00
Based on 20 reviews.
Hair Build Fibers, Hair Regrowth-Products, Anti Hair Loss Products, Hair Care Products, Hair Buildin..
Rs.1,999.00 Rs.4,999.00 60%
Ex Tax: Rs.1,999.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Vijaysar Tumbler, Vijaysar Tumbler For Diabetes, Vijaysar Tumbler Delhi, Vijaysar Tum..
Rs.1,599.00 Rs.2,999.00 47%
Ex Tax: Rs.1,599.00
Based on 1 reviews.