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3 in 1 Vibra Plus Sauna Belt-Saicare@40% Off

Product Code: 3in1 Vibra Sauna Belt
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3 in 1 Magnetic Vibra + Sauna Belt Slimness Belt, MRP:- Rs.2499/-, @ 45% DISCOUNTED RATE, SEEN ON TV
Over 6.28 LACKS units sold since product release in 2009. 


ORIGINAL, BIO-10 MAGNETS With vibrating function
Sweat away tension and stress while targeting the waist, hips, back or thighs with the easy to attach Velform Sauna Belt. This portable sauna focuses therapeutic heat on your most problematic body parts to help with pain relief and encourage your body’s natural elimination process through sweating.
Now you won’t need to leave the house to work up a sweat, with Sauna Belt you can just relax in the comfort of your own home.
- CE Approved – Guaranteed Safe
- Self-Limiting Temperature Control Gauge
- Made With Very High Quality Materials
- 68 Inch Built In Power Cord
- Auto-Shut-Off After 50 Minutes
Description & Use:
Sweat away unwanted fats at the press of a button …with Sauna belt. At times some troubling question might knock your mind such as:
When will I get relieve from back pain? 
Why I can’t lose weight rapidly? 
How can I burn those unnecessary calories? 
Would I suffer from obesity in the upcoming years?
With the use of this crème de le crème weight loosing device one can get back the perfect shape and looks. 
Lose weight and ease muscle pain
Portable and comfort to use everywhere
Great for abdomen, waist, back and hips
Adjustable temperature to enhance metabolism
Help flush out and eliminate toxins
The Sauna Belt works by heating on those body parts where the excess weight has to be reduced.
It cuts down fats, cellulite, relax the muscles and simultaneously the wearer can watch TV, laze in the room, complete the household works, read a novel or indulge in anything desired.
No exhausting workouts, no heavy weight loss equipments, no intake of harmful pills or syrup. All you need is simply superb Sauna belt. 
Burn those excessive calories around abdomen, waist, back and thighs without tiring workout sessions and see your obesity disappearing amazingly. 
Moreover it enhances the metabolism and relaxes the stressed muscle right instantaneously.
MASSAGE THERAPY : The massage belt consists of motor by which circular vibrations are generated, which reduce fat from tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks or any other place of the body.
MAGNETIC THERAPY : The Magnetized Blood Flows Very Easily, Improves Blood Circulation, Thereby Avoiding Clotting And Removing Excess Of Calcium Cholesterol And Impurities From The Veins And Arteries. On The Application Of Magnets On The Body The Magnetic Waves Pass Through The Tissues And Secondary Currents Are Induced.
SAUNA THERAPY : Offers many of the benefits of the traditional heat Sauna, but has one big advantage; you can enjoy Sauna heat in the comfort of your own home! It Produce Impacting Heat Which Reduces Pains And Swellings and helps in losing weight.
Many boxers, jockeys, bullfighters, football players and other athletes have been usinq heat saunas for years
Magnetic VIbra + Sauna Belt:-
Vibra+ Sauna Belt offers many of the benefits of the traditional heat Sauna, but has one big advantage; you can enjoy Sauna heat in the comfort of your own home In addition, you can focus the sauna heat on those body ports that need it most. This portable sauna is great for abdomen, waist, back and hips.
Before placing the Vibra + Sauna Belt on your skin, make sure you are in a comfortable position either lying down or standing up. However do not use the Vibra+ Sauna Belt if you are lying on your stomach or sitting down, as this could cause problems in the device's electrical circuit. Do not use any kind of skin cream or similar product while using the Vibra + Sauna Belt, as your skin pores will not be fully open and skin cream could cause an allergic reaction.
Do not use the Vibra + Sauna Belt immediately after meals; wait for at least two hours after eating.
It is important to use the Vibra + Sauna Belt at room temperature and not in the air conditioned room. The sudden changes in temperatures could be harmful for your body.
For best results, you should use the Vibra + Sauna Belt for a maximum of 50 minutes at a time. Do not exceed 50 minutes. Do not use the Vibra + Sauna Belt for a period of more than 45 days, wait for a week before using it again
Supply: AC 230V / 50-60Hz
Loading Power: Approx 55W
Temperature Range. 34oC ~ 75oC [adjustable]
Put on the Sauna Slim Belt little loosely (not too tight), in such a way that you can check every 10min if your skin is getting red, if your skin gets red, reduce the temperature to avoid possible skin injury.
Reduction in size does not depend on the amount you sweat. You can achieve it thanks to the localized heat emitted by the Sauna Slim Belt in the area treated during each session. Some people perspire more than others, depending on the constitution of skin type.
This Belt is selling at a price of 59$- + Shipping Extra on TV, But Here you will get a discount of 20$ 
BEST, ORIGINAL Vibrating Magnetic Sauna Belt + Slimming + Massage+ 100% Fat Loose Guarantee + 7 Days Replacement Warranty + BUY NOW....... 
Why Vibrating Magnetic Sauna Belt is Best?
Amazing BRAND NEW Vibrating Sauna Belt helps you to anted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscle pain all while sitting in the comfort of your own home.
The Vibrating Sauna belt focuses the sauna heat on the most problematic body parts to help flush out and eliminate toxins.
Adding vibration to Sauna belt makes the vibrations to take out the micro fat cells from belly portion So burning almost the double amount of fat as compared to other sauna belts.

Use Sauna Belt  ( Heat + Vibration + Magnetic ) Steps or Instructions :-
1.    Firstly Strap the Slimming Belt around the chosen body part (abdomen, waist or hips).
2.    The Slimming Sauna  Belt should completely,surround your body without getting creased, doubled over or  folded
3.    Check to see if your supplied mains voltage is the same as that printed on the plug before  plugging the device in.
4.    Make sure the temperature regulator is switched OFF.
5.    Turn the dial on the temperature regulator to the Maximum position so the device heats up  quickly.
6.    At the end of the session, towel off the sweat and wait 15 or 20 minutes before showering or  having a bath, eating or drinking cold drinks. Do not worry if your skin is reddish. this reaction  is due to the constant temperature it has been exposed to and will disappear after a couple of  hours.
7.    Once you have finished your session, take off the slimming Belt and spread it out on a flat  surface until it cools down. 

Sauna Belt  ( Heat + Vibration + Magnetic ) Benefits:-
    * It safe and simple to use yet delivers brilliant result.
    * Instant Slimming Look Works as a Massager & gives relief from pains.
    * Just wrap it round you waist for at least 15 minutes continuously at a time and relax.
    * The perfect combination of heat melts fats and HELPS IN LOSE INCHES.

Sauna Belt  ( Heat + Vibration + Magnetic ) Specification 
•    Flexible Sauna Belt Imported (one size fits all with secure fastening system) 
•     Multi-Level Remote Control 
•     Instructional Guide 

Sauna Belt  ( Heat + Vibration + Magnetic ) Warranty & Guarantee - 1 Year7 Days Replacement Warranty

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