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Radiation Safe Mobile Chip, Cogent, Anti Radiation Mobile Chip,

This Radiation Safe Mobile Chip

Radiation Safe Mobile Chip, Cogent, Anti Radiation Mobile Chip,is a wonder of new millennium state-of-the-art technology. Armed with a technology that can very effectively stop incoming radiation from the cell phone by reflecting and absorbing it, this thoughtfully and scientifically designed marvel of technology has multiple layers of protection built in it to protect us.

  5 Layers of radiation safe material for solid safety

  Radiation safe wire-mesh with safety circuit thereon

  Radiation safe treated metallic fabric with 96% protection

  Perforated metal cover for voice clarity and protection from dust

  Ulltraviolet controlled shielding material

  Heat resistant to withstand high temperatures

  Water proof & weather proof

  Bacteria resistant to prevent harmful bacterial growth

 Approved by SAMEER (Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and    Research)

Radiation Safe Mobile Chip : is a reliable solution against the hazardous radiation from mobile phones. It protects the brain and ear tissues from these harmful radiations.

ADVERSE EFFECTS OF EMR : Electro-magnetic radiation is dangerous in many ways including


  Ear Tissue Problem


  High Irritation Levels




  Heart Malfunctioning (Missing Beats)

  Brain Malfunctioning (Brain Waves Disorder)

 Hypertension (Collision of energies)

Constant exposure will lead to Cancer, Brain Tumours, Heart Diseases and Many More Fatal Illness.

l EMR puts all of us in some kind of danger, but the most affected are those who have lesser resistance like kids, medically unfit, pregnant women and old people.


Adverse Effects : The remarkable growth of new technology is receiving public concerns about various ill effects of RF Radiation Exposure, dangers perceived from falling of these towers during earthquake even with little seismographic disturbances.

The adverse effects of RF/Microwave Radiations were recognized by the erstwhile USSR and, in fact, the same was used as a weapon to create mental disturbances, instability and high anxiety. 

The same was utilized by illuminating US Embassy in Moscow with high power Microwave Radiations. 

(1) Slowly and slowly when the adverse health effects started coming to the notice of medical and radiological scientists certain measures were taken in advanced countries to formulate guidelines and to regulate exposure limits within safe levels.

The United States FCC had guidelines FCC 56 revised by FCC65. Canadian Government incorporated Safety Code No. 6, European Countries developed ICNIRP and IEEE Guidelines. But, unfortunately, even with such a faster growth, RF Illuminating Towers in Indian cities could not attract attention of the Government of India. 

The relationship between biological effects and Electromagnetic Exposure has been widely recognized from Epidemiological and experimental studies. The growing use of mobile communication GSM 900/1800, Cordless Telephones etc. in the last decade has introduced concerns about health risks from so called man made electro smog. This Non Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation Pollution is invisible and in this context it is not detectable by our five senses. Therefore every one tends to have casualness towards personal protection. 

Since use of these Electromagnetic Radiations is inevitable by the Society, there is a need to devise more comprehensive protection measures. As per the observed NIEMR levels, we in are certainly vulnerable to adverse health effects. Unfortunately ignorance and non-awareness adds to this misery and all of us are accepting this slow poison unknowingly. 

Manmade Electromagnetic Smog has reached such a level that the RF Radiations have started having ill effects on human health, health of animals, functioning of normal household, medical investigatory equipment and even on food products being consumed by everybody. 

Thus, the phenomenon is like pollution. So far as we have recognized Water pollution, Air pollution, Noise pollution and now we have to recognize the fact of so called Non-Ionizing EMR Pollution (or RF Radiation Pollution) as a fact of life. Similar actions are required to be taken by concerned governance to control Radiation Pollution so that life becomes healthy.

Use of RF Safety Solutions : Radiation Safe Products like Mobile Accessories, Electronic Accessories, Uniforms, Aprons, Medical Outfits, Fabrics, Paints, Glasses, Window Films for less EMF penetration is highly recommended by various social & scientific organizations these days.

Vulnerabilities of EMR : All of us know that we are not allowed to operate Mobile Phones in an aircraft because of the reason of interference of the Radiating RF with the Onboard Systems of the aircraft. It is very unfortunate that same analogy is not applied to the living beings although everybody is vulnerable to this continuous RF Radiations. All of us are vulnerable to the ill effects of RF EMR but as per the existing scientific studies certain groups are more vulnerable.

Radiation Safe Mobile Chip, Cogent, Anti Radiation Mobile Chip,

Radiation Risk to Pre Adolescent Children : They are more at risk than adults (12) because of absorption of Microwaves of the frequency used in Mobile Telephony, which creates an object of the size of child’s head and so called “head resonance” (13). The still developing Nervous System and associated Brain Wave activity in the child are more vulnerable to aggression by pulses of Microwaves used in GSM. The increased mitotic activity in cells of developing children makes them more susceptible to genetic damage. Children are at the greatest risk, due to their thinner skulls, and rapid rate of growth. Also at greater risk are the elderly, the frail, and pregnant women. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use cell phones in order to to reduce their exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation.

Radiation Risk to Pregnant Women : A pregnant woman and the foetus both are vulnerable because of the fact that these RF Radiations continuously react with the developing embryo, developing cells, because of thermal radiations also. When the pregnant ladies either use Mobile Phone or when illuminated with RF Radiations, the developing child can become affected, the developmental malformation may occur.

Radiation Risk to Human Brain : Human Brain is the most vulnerable portion to the NIEMR(RFR). Some of the known effects are Neurological effects (14), Increase in ODC (Ornithine De Carboxylase) activity (15), effect on enzymes and free radicals decreasing the brain metabolism (16)

Radiation Risk to Patients Carrying Pace Makers : The RF Exposure adversely affects implanted Pace Maker and becomes rhythmical. These radiations may stop Pace Maker from delivering pulses in a regular way or may generate some kind of external controlling pulse putting the patient to death.

Radiation Safe Mobile Chip, Cogent, Anti Radiation Mobile Chip,



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