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Nano Bio Energy-2mm Card-Buy 1 Get 1 Free -MRP Rs.349/- Per Piece, Offer Price Rs.349/- 66% Off Price

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New Bio Energy Card 2mm Thickness, Nano Card,

Description :


New Bio Energy Card 2mm thicknesswith unique shape.
We are engaged in offering Nano Card, which is  directly effects the negative ion on the human health. Some of the following activities done by this nano card are as follows:
Promotes exchange of calcium and natrium inside and outside the cell membrane and keep cell's activity.
Blood purification: Through cell's activity, it promotes cell metabolism and excreted hazardous waste and toxic substances from body.
Resume Fatigue as it eliminates illness factors, quickly recover physical strength.
Stabilize botanic nerve system that influences botanic nerve system to obtain rirritable abilitity and adjust function of botanic nerve system.
Strengthens the resistance capacity to disease by stabilizing emotion, increasing C-Ball globins content, improving quantity and quality of leukin, and boosting leukin's phagocytic function to the bacteria.
Restrains tumour cell growing that influences the composition and distribution of charged particles in blood, and increase cell's activity.
Absorb and shield electromagnetic radiation as well as improve allergic physique Adjust the balance of botanic nerve system, strengthen the resistance to allergen material The main performance Of negative ion for the human body is that it influences nervous system to enhance pallium function and brain activity. It excites nerve, improve work efficiency, and improve sleep quality Negative ion also can strengthen the intensity of oxidation process of brain tissue, and help brain tissue to obtain oxygen It influences the cardiovascular system as negative ion has obvious effects to vascular expansion, restrain cholesterol content of serum, purify blood, avoid lipid depositing on vascular wall, improve blood circulation, relieve artery vasospasm, and achieve to maintain steady blood pressure.

  • Negative ion has big benefits for improving cardiac function and myocardial nutrition, and is good for the rehabilitation of hypertension and vascular diseases patients. Some of the influences of this nano card on the blood system are as follows: 
    Negative ion has function to slow blood and extend clotting time It increases the oxygen content in blood and thus is beneficial to oxygen transmission, absorption and utilization. 
    Used for improving NK activity to damage cancer cell; restrain the happening and transfer of cancer cell. 
    To restrain colorless leukotriene that could cause allergy and angry state Could be used in beauty and skin treatment, for example, skin burns can be quickly cured Negative ion also has analgesic effect 
    It prevents artery probation or peroxide lipid of liver, too much ions may cause oxidation of axunge, quick oxidation of axunge will accelerate body aging. 
    Removes skin waste, increase activity of the skin, has significant effect for beauty.

Effectiveness of Nano Health Card

- Improve the micro-blood circulation.
- Relieve the stress and fatigue.
- Improve vitality.
- Effective in killing bacteria.
- Activate water molecules in our body.

The Physical Characteristic of FIR

- Invisibility
- Linearity, refractivity and reflectivity
- Upon being absorbed by various objects, the ability to produce warmth and harmonize with the natural life-force released by human body to enhance resonance absorption.
- The ability to penetrate deep into the human body.

Test Result

1) Emissivity and Emissivity Energy(FIR)

The experimental results were measured in comparison with black body by using the FT-IR Spectrometer.

(5 ~ 20μm)
(W/m2μm, 37°C)
3.49 x 102

Measured by the Korea Far Infrared Ray Association as the official test organization.

2) Thermal Image Photography 
Measured by the Korea Far Infrared Ray Association as the official test organization,



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