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Shape & Figure Combo On Discount

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Shapeless Figure ?Breast Uplift? Vagina Looseness?Strechmarks ?
PRODUCT INCLUDES : Busty Best Breast Cream + Vsecret Gel
Busty Best toning , firming & enhancement cream is a unique blend of 36 herbs specially developed to firm & enhance bust of a lady. Busty Best with its 36 herbs is very effective in the treatment of slackening breasts which may be due to various reasons such as maternity, lactation or age factor.
Gorakhmudhi ,shatavari , KapoorKachali play a vital role in loose & slaggy breasts.Karaujpan, Nagarmoth&anantmool uplift the breast & provide it round & fuller shape. Gokharu, Jasudphool tightens the breast tissues.
1.       Breast enhancement & enlargement
2.       Treatment to provide firmness in slackening breasts.
3.       Busty Best increases extra cellular matrix & hence provide shape & enhance contours of a female.
4.   Breast Tightening.
5.   Promotes growth of mammary glands.
6.   Improve breast elasticity & support.
Working Mechanism :-
Busty Best with its 36 herbs is quickly absorbed by the skin & thus it increases extra cellular matrix thereby enhancing over all breast size.
Special Feature:-
1.    100% safe
2.       PURE HERBS
3.       No Straining
4.       Fully absorbent

V Secret  is a unique blend of natural ingredients developed for Rejuvenation & Tightening of Vagina. With its antiseptic and lubrication properties, V-Secret is tested on sensitive skin under dermatological condition and such as safe for intra-vaginal use.
It works towards providing the most effective rejuvenation process that starts from 2nd week of application & desired tightening achieved within 2-3 months.
Benefits of V-secret
•     Firms and tightens vagina naturally
•     Delays aging restores natural lubrication
•     Treats flaccid & loose vagina
•     Antibacterial & Anti-fungal

Special features
•     100% SAFE
•     Pure HERBS
•     Ph maintained, dermatologically tested

How to apply
•     Wash your hands and Vagina with clean water
•     Sit in squatting posture with legs wide open and in line with hips
•     Take small amount of gel (Recommended 3gm-4gm ) of V-secret gel by spatula provide in other hand
•     Put the gel on fingertip of your hand and apply the gel inside your vagina in all directions
•     Apply the gel twice daily


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